Heli tours in Queenstown

Hello guys, let me tell you what we did after skiing at Cardona Slopes. It was already evening when we did Heli tours to see dramatic views of the majestic Southern Alp and Aspiring National Park. Let me show you some of the pictures. Halo teman-teman, akan saya ceritakan apa yang kami lakukan setelah bermain ski di Cardona. Pada saat itu sudah menjelang sore ketika … Continue reading Heli tours in Queenstown

You’ll get what you see..

One fine day… Pada suatu hari yang indah.. When we head to head, eyes to eyes.. Ketika kita berdua, beradu pandang.. Giving trust to one another.. Saling mempercayai.. My Queen, that’s how I called her.. Saya memanggilnya Queen.. “Trust no one in whose eyes you do not see yourself reflected as an equal” ” Jangan pernah mempercayai siapapun apabila dimatanya engkau tidak dipandang sebagai mahluk … Continue reading You’ll get what you see..

Queenstown, day 1..

We arrived Queenstown almost dark so we just stayed in the villa, no went out, we really needed to rest. In the morning, we impressed once again with the view. We opened the jacuzzi at the back yard and really had a great time, since the sun was shining brightly. Kami tiba di Queenstown hampir gelap maka kami hanya tinggal didalam villa saja, tidak ada … Continue reading Queenstown, day 1..

Baby oh Baby..

Once before, I’ve been a ‘lil baby, my parents would say I was the cutest one (well, every parent would say their baby the cutest one 😉 for sure).  Suatu saat dulu, saya adalah seorang bayi dimana orang tua saya selalu mengatakan saya adalah bayi yang paling menggemaskan (tentunya setiap orang tua akan mengatakan hal yang sama 😉) I’ve got that innocent face (every baby … Continue reading Baby oh Baby..