Derawan Island

Hello guys, this blog still about our trip to East Kalimantan. We woke up early at 4 a.m. to take a boat to Derawan Island. We start our journey at 5 a.m. from Berau (Tanjung Redeb) to Tanjung Batu and from there we took a speed boat to Derawan Island. Here is the atmosphere of Tanjung Batu that morning.

Anyway, let me show you our boat for the day.

It’s a small boat but somehow we made it for 12 people including the driver. 

Well one of us must sit at the front for balancing. Ok now the boat could move forward hahaha πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. It took around 30 minutes to reach Derawan Island. 

Finally, we arrived at Derawan Island πŸ˜₯ well forgive me for taking dark picture since a bit cloudy this morning.

We stayed at eco villa, which is a sea front villa and it is very nice. This what I could see at the back in my room.

I found it interesting 😎 and very relaxing here, just sit and looking at the sea.

This picture I took after we checked in around 9 a.m. and the sky has been a little bit brigher. I felt like in Maldives, the sea is same but the villa is different of course, well the price is a big difference too πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I will review my trip to Maldives some other time. See you on the next blog πŸ˜‰

Labuan Cermin Lake

Where is Labuan Cermin Lake? πŸ˜‰ It is located in Labuan Kelambu village, East Kalimantan. I have told you on my previous blog (Adventurous Trip) that we came back to land at noon. Well, we arrived at the hotel to take a shower and have lunch. 

As soon as we finished, we checked out and continued our journey to Labuan Cermin Lake. It took around 2 hours driving to reach the lake. We were tired but it was really worth after we arrived there. 

It was gorgeous isn’t it? 😍😍😍 the lake is like a mirror, the water is really clear as you can see here. We took the boat from here to the other part of the lake where we could swim in it. Ok now let see the other part of the lake.

The scenery is incredibly gorgeous 😍😍😍 the water is clear to the bottom. Here’s the video there.

That day was so fun and wonderful how we could get this far blending with the nature. Well have a great day guys πŸ‘πŸ˜‰ see you on my next blog.

On the Ocean

On the Ocean..

I am no body, just a human being with no desire, just be grateful. 

There’s no sound, just a whisper deep in my heart.

If one asked me what do you see on the ocean? Well, all I could tell is how beautiful the sky..

If one asked me what do you do on the ocean? Well, all I could do is just jump into the ocean, dive in and see how beautiful inside..

If one asked me why do you love to be on the ocean? Well, might be because I am a Pisces? Hahaha πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I really don’t know.. I just feel calm, relax, blessed and grateful whenever I am on the Ocean.

Adventurous Trip

It was 5 a.m. when we started our journey to the middle of the sea with traditional small boat. You couldn’t expect more for the facilities since it is not a common tourist destination.

Saat itu jam 5 pagi ketika kami memulai petualangan kami ke tengah lautan dengan kapal tradisional kecil. Anda tidak dapat berharap banyak terhadap fasilitas yang ada karena ini bukanlah tujuan wisata pada umumnya.

It was beautiful morning especially in the middle of the sea, we only could hear the sounds of the waves and the boat machine. What we were heading for? We looking for the whale sharks in Tali Sayan Ocean, without a tour guide or any guidance. We only depend on local man who drove us to some spots, where the whale sharks come up.

Itu adalah pagi yang indah khususnya ketika berada ditengah laut, dimana kami hanya dapat mendengar suara ombak yang menghantam pinggiran kapal kami dan suara mesin yang menderu-deru. Apakah yang kami cari? Kami mencari hiu paus di lautan Tali Sayan, tanpa pemandu turis atau petunjuk apapun. Kami hanya bergantung pada orang setempat yang mengemudikan kapal yang kami sewa untuk membawa kami ke beberapa tempat, dimana ikan hiu paus tersebut biasanya muncul.

It took us an hour to arrived at a bangkalan ( a spot that bulid to catch fishes) they could catch around 2 quintals till 2 tons fishes per day. The whale sharks used to come up at a bangkalan. Unfortunately, we could not find the whale shark at the first bangkalan.

Membutuhkan waktu kira-kira 1 jam untuk tiba di bangkalan pertama (sebuah tempat yang dibangun untuk menangkap ikan) mereka dapat menangkap kurang lebih 2 kwintal sampai 2 ton ikan tiap harinya. Hiu paus tersebut biasanya muncul disebuah bangkalan. Sayangnya, kami tidak menemukan hiu paus tersebut pada bangkalan pertama.

Then we moved to another bangkalan. It took around 15 minutes, and whoaaa.. we found it. Yeay, it was wonderful moment.. the whale shark was enormous in size. It circling our boat for a while then gone before we could feed them with the fishes that we bought in a second bangkalan.

Lalu kami pindah ke bangkalan yang lain. Kami membutuhkan waktu sekitar 15 menit dan wooow.. kami menemukannya. Horee, itu adalah saat yang indah.. hiu paus itu sangatlah besar ukurannya. Dia mengelilingi kapal kami sesaat lalu pergi sebelum kami dapat memberi mereka makan dengan ikan yang kita beli di bangkalan yang kedua.

We still did not give up, we went to another bangkalan to try our opportunity. So sad we couldn’t find anything there. It’s the third bangkalan and we even haven’t dove in to swim with them.

Kami belum menyerah, kami pergi ke bangkalan berikutnya untuk mencoba keberuntungan kami. Sedih sekali kami tidak menemukan apapun disini. Ini adalah bangkalan ketiga dan kami bahkan belum menyelam untuk berenang dengan mereka.

We decided to go to another bangkalan which took about another 15 minutes. We couldn’t find them at first, but when we tried to invite them by putting some fish into the sea all of a sudden they come up. It waa not one but three of them, whooaaa.. Oh My God.. they were so beautiful. This time we kept feeding them while we prepared to get in to the sea.

Kami memutuskan untuk pergi ke bangkalan berikutnya yang memakan waktu sekitar 15 menit lagi. Pertamanya kami tidak menemukan mereka, tetapu ketika kami mencoba mengundang mereka dengan melemparkan beberapa ikan ke laut, tiba-tiba mereka muncul. Tidak hanya satu tetapi 3 hiu paus muncul, woowww.. Ya Tuhan.. mereka sangatlah luar biasa. Kali ini kami memberi makan terus menerus sembari kami bersiap-siap untuk menyelam.

Do you know what? No guidance at all and we made it, even it was not a pro video still I could make it. Well, yeah this was the first time for me to use bpro (under water camera) and my second time in snorkling. Therefore, I quite amaze with myself, my bravery, my luck to meet with this giant creatures.

Tahukah kamu? Tanpa petunjuk sama sekali dan kami melakukannya, walaupun ini bukanlah video profesional tetap saja saya dapat melakukannya. Ya ini adalah pertama kalinya saya menggunakan bpro (kamera bawah air) dan kedua kalinya saya snorkling. Oleh sebab itu saya cukup kagum dengan diri saya sendiri, keberanian saya, keberuntungan saya untuk bertemu dengan mahluk raksasa ini.

Well, after a while of taking pictures and video, it was time to say good bye to them. Anyway, they would go back to deeper level of sea at noon. They only come up for food in the morning, they eat small fishes.

Setelah beberapa saat mengambil foti dan video, saatnya untuk berpisah dengan mereka. Lagipula, mereka akan kembali ke laut yang lebih dalam pada saat siang. Mereka hanya muncul buat mencari makanan dipagi hari, mereka memakan ikan-ikan kecil.

It was nearly noon when we went back to the land. We were tired but very happy and felt blessed to see those beautiful giant whale sharks.

After an hour we finally arrived at the land, thank you God for making a beautiful day for us. These were another pictures that I got when we got off from the boat.

Saat itu sudah hampir siang ketika kami kembali ke daratan. Kami sangat lelah tetapi kami merasa bahagia dan terberkati karena dapat melihat hiu paus yang luar biasa besar.

See you on the next blog guys πŸ˜‰ still in East Kalimantan.

Sampai jumpa di blog selanjutnya teman-teman πŸ˜‰ masih di Kalimantan Timur.

Trip to East KalimantanΒ 

Hi πŸ˜‰ this trip would be an adventurous trip for us. We went to East Kalimantan for business and holiday. 

Bird nest house is becoming popular again lately. Therefore, we decided to look around to see about the opportunity.

We take off from Semarang at 8 a.m. to Balikpapan. Wow 😍 it was beautiful from up here, Balikpapan here we come. We arrived around 10 a.m. (in Semarang) and it was 11 a.m. local time.

We only got 20 minutes in Balikpapan for transfering plane to our next city Berau (Tanjung Redeb). We went to Berau by a small plane we called baling-baling plane πŸ˜….

Lucky the weather was quite nice even in the rainy season. We arrived around in Berau around 1 p.m. so we had lunch in the city before heading to Tali Sayan. We continued the trip by car, we used 2 cars, one car fill with 4 persons, the other 6 persons. 

It’s quite a long way from Berau (Tanjung Redeb) to Tali Sayan. Do you know what? The road was so bumpy πŸ˜… hahaha.. It’s kind of we’re riding roller coaster and jeep doing off road.

Well, finally we entered Tali Sayan and we stopped for a while enjoying the nature hot water near there.

I felt it quite relaxing by putting our feet into the water, especially after a long hours in the car with ‘the bumpy’ road hahahaha.. 
We stayed there only a couple of minutes, just to relax our body and mind πŸ˜… before going to the bird nest location. 

We drove about 20 minutes to the bird nest house. It was quite interesting and a bit different from the one in Java Island. Well, I would tell you about the differences some other time πŸ˜‰ hahaha..

Here it was the location, quite beautiful place. We just stood there to see the birds going home. 

We stayed there till about 6 p.m. and after that we went to our hotel near the beach. It took around an hour to arrived in our hotel and it was dark already by the time.

Well the hotel was very simple and clean. That’s the best that we could get here πŸ‘πŸ˜‰ so we enjoyed the night hahaha.. having dinner and chatting for a while.

Very nice though πŸ‘πŸ˜ bye from now.. see you on the next blog..

Grey area

Even when I tried to make a black and white picture there’s still a grey area. In life there will be some grey area that we can not make it black or white.

Therefore, in some case we can not say it is true or false, good or bad. The tittle is not important, see not only with your eyes but with your heart, listen not only with your ears but with your soul.

Have a great day everyone.. ❀❀❀

Osaka city

Osaka is the third largest city in Japan. It is one of a must destination while you are in Japan. Let me show you my photos collection of Osaka.

That some of my photos collection while in Osaka Japan 2013. 

See you guys πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

Osaka Temple, Japan

It was a few years ago but still worth to share. This time I would like to share some pictures in Osaka Japan.

This one is Osaka Castle, I think it is very beautiful.

The castle is in the midlle of the forest, the view is breathtaking and the air freshen up your body and soul.

There we could drink ‘blessed water’ with some steps as follow:

The water cold and fresh to your throat 😁 that was a really great experience.

You could pray in the temple there.

In some part of the castle you must take off your shoes, as follow πŸ˜… :

You could find many snack and souvenir shops there.

It was raining that day but didn’t prevent the visitors to come.

See you on the next blog 😘

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What is photography mean to me?

I get to know photography since I was a kid, when we still used roll film for the camera. I had my own camera when I was in primary school and I love taking pictures since then.

But well yeah I am easily get bored so photography is just a hobby that come and go hahahaha.. Anyway, I always up to date for the camera that I used even it’s not a pro or expensive one but I up date it through times. My favorite camera brand are fujifilm and canon and I never used the others.

As times goes by, smartphone come to the photography industry and become popular since then. Right now, I am quite satisfied with my samsung S8 and Huawei P9 camera. In addition, for the camera I am using DSLR Canon 70D.

Why I do love photography? It’s hard to be explained. I just feel that every picture can tell a lot about something. I love to see old photos, which can tell a lot about what happen in that era. In my opinion a good picture should carry the feel and the message that want to be shared.

Love you guys, see you on my next blog πŸ‘πŸ˜‰.

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Who doesn’t like dessert?


Well, who doesn’t like dessert? I know that for some people having dessert is not a habit. 

What is dessert? According to wikipedia, dessert is a confectionery course that concludes a main meal. The vourse usually consists of sweet foods, and possibly a beverage such as dessert wine or liqueur, but may include coffee, cheeses, nuts or other savory items.

In my country, dessert is not a habit. We do have some snacks that we called jajanan. We have it not as dessert but anytime that we want but not after meal.

Anyway, nowadays many of young generations adopting a new habit that we called dessert. I think instagram and facebook have a big influence in promoting dessert πŸ˜… hahahaha..

Well for me I prefer sweet course for dessert and savory course is for snacking πŸ˜‰ how’s about you?

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