Dinner by the beach

Hi 😁 how are you all? Hope you’re great 👍😉 haha.. This time I’m gonna share some other pictures of my first family trip in 2018. Well, after enjoyed a great time in the hotel, we went to Jimbaran to enjoy dinner by the beach.  I love the corn everytime I come here, believe me nothing can beat the taste 😋😋😋 it’s tasty and delicious, … Continue reading Dinner by the beach

Conrad Bali

Hi 😁 as I promised I’m gonna show you our hotel for my first family trip in 2018. We stayed at Conrad Hotel, Tanjung Benoa, Bali. It is a very nice and comfortable hotel for family. It have some huge swimming pools and straight to the beach at the back. Now I’m gonna share the room 😁 that I love for me it is cozy … Continue reading Conrad Bali

Family trip, day 1 

Hi 😁 today I’m gonna continue the story of my first family trip in 2018. We went to Bali and stayed at Conrad Hotel in Nusa Dua. It was still early when we got into the Hotel so we couldn’t check into our rooms. Well, it’s ok because I already booked a gazebo at the back of the hotel to enjoy the beach and its … Continue reading Family trip, day 1 

Walking by the beach

It was sunset at Kuta Beach, Bali and I was a lil bit late so it’s getting dark already. Anyway it’s still fun to just walked and took some pictures that I’m gonna share 😁 to all of you. After walked for a while we just crossed the street to find something to eat and I found interesting object to take photo with 😁 here … Continue reading Walking by the beach

Batik day

Forgive me for not showed up for a few days, it was a busy days lately in the office. Well, I want to share my outfit today, since every friday it is a batik day so I’m gonna share batik outfit. The outfit is designed by me 😁 since I love to wear a tailor made outfit that is more suitable for me and I … Continue reading Batik day

First family trip 2018

It was our first trip in 2018, well actually this was the first family 😁 since my nephew has grown older (6 years) so it’s a bit easy to handle. I went with my father (74 years), my sister and her two kids (daughter and son). It’s really amazing that those two (my dad and nephew as the oldest and the youngest ones) were similar … Continue reading First family trip 2018

Ootd 2018

Hi it’s been a long time I am not sharing my ootd 😁 well this is my ootd for the first day in 2018 for work. This my new suits 😁 I try new colours in this year hahaha.. as you can see I choose pink and white. All my collegues just say “whoaa..” hahaha.. it’s rare that I use pink colour hahaha.. it’s just … Continue reading Ootd 2018

Yatch Party Maldives

Hello everyone, I will continue about Maldives trip. Well it was the last day of our trip in Maldives and we had a yatch party that day. Unfortunately, it was cloudy and a bit raining that day but anyway couldn’t stop us for taking picture and having fun. It was really hard to take the picture, it was a bit raining, windy and a bit … Continue reading Yatch Party Maldives

2017 to 2018

2017 has passed, here we come 2018 😁 the year full of hope. Well, when I look back 2017 was a great year there were so many things that I’ve overcome: I’ve learnt Reiki Tummo to help me overcome my anxiety due to GERD, and it really work 😁 I travel more to in my country (hope to travel more around my country in 2018) … Continue reading 2017 to 2018

The last day of 2017

2017 nearly come to end, time flies so fast and today is the last day of 2017. I have no vacation planning in New Year just as usual. There are some reasons, first I don’t like to travel in a crowd, second in New Year I would like to just stay at home have dinner with my family and make some plans and pray for … Continue reading The last day of 2017