Birthday Party

It was my cousin’s birthday dinner party, which is held at her house. It was just a small close dinner party for family and some friends only. Let’s see the decor and table setting: I think the birthday decor was pretty nice 😍 I love it, perfect combination of gold and the flowers. Let me show the picture with my cousin ‘the birthday girl’ 😁 … Continue reading Birthday Party

Mitoni (Baby Shower)Β 

Last week, my cousin have a mitoni (baby shower) ceremony in javanese tradition. It was held when your pregnancy getting 7 months for the first baby only. They chose to have it in javanese traditional way. The ceremony quite unique with beautiful decoration. Let me share some photos from that moment. Actually there were more pictures but it would be too much hahaha.. I took … Continue reading Mitoni (Baby Shower)Β 

Lazy weekendΒ 

I was so tired, the whole week been busy and crazy. Last week, I just spent the weekend by swimming in the morning and in the afternoon I took my dad, auntie, sister, niece and nephew had lunch a lil bit outside town just for refreshment. I chose to bring my a novel with me to just read it for an hour or so, while … Continue reading Lazy weekendΒ 

My Birthday

Well, I am 42 years old now 😁 time flies so fast hahahaha.. I supposed to celebrate my birthday to other island, but since a few days before the date I was having vertigo so I cancelled my trip. Thanksfully with a proper rest I recover quickly and be able not to absent from work. Just as usual I didn’t have any special venue to … Continue reading My Birthday

Yum Cha on Sunday

I’ve had yum cha with my family last Sunday 😁 well, it is not an activity that we do every week. It’s quite busy there in Sunday, our favourite is Holiday Restaurant.  They had special decor for promotion on Chinese New Year.  Gorgeous ‘Longevity Buns’ 😍 they have it for Chinese New Year only. Okay now let’s see what we ate that day 😁 it … Continue reading Yum Cha on Sunday

Weekend Short Trip

Hello guys, yesterday I went to Pati (a small town about 3 hours driving from Semarang) atau ( a small town in central java) with my relatives and collegues to make a visit of condolence. On the way there we stop by in Kudus (a small town before Pati). We have lunch in a food market there, just as usual we have soto here, we call … Continue reading Weekend Short Trip

Wedding party

I went to a wedding party of my friend’s brother last saturday. In my country, it was still quite common to have a table/ seating party for wedding. I will share some pictures to let you know more. Here was the decoration of the stage at my back. I love the stage decoration it gives luxury accent. There was the video when the groom giving … Continue reading Wedding party

Luv this Coffee Shop!!!

Once I passed by a small but unique coffee shop and I found it interesting but I didn’t have time to stop by at that time. On that Monday I just feel like want to visit that coffee shop, so I asked some of my colleagues to come along. It was really a small coffee shop with just coffee, no snacks. Well, there is some … Continue reading Luv this Coffee Shop!!!

Photo Products

I was helping my friend to take a photo products of bakery. She’s just started her business around a year. She’s a college friend of mine. It was a great time, I took pictures while chit chat hahahaha.. Anyway, hope she’s success with her bakery business. The last one here is my favorite πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ looks yummy huh? πŸ‘πŸ˜‰ Have a great day everyone.. 😁 Continue reading Photo Products