Qingming Festival

What is Qingming Festival? It is a Chinese tradition which is called Tomb Sweeping Day in English. During Qingming, Chinese families visit the tombs of their anchestors to clean the gravesites, pray and make ritual offerings for their ancestors. The offering would be traditional food or dishes that used to be the favorite of our ancestors.  We also burning joss stick and joss paper (ghost … Continue reading Qingming Festival

Mitoni (Baby Shower) 

Last week, my cousin have a mitoni (baby shower) ceremony in javanese tradition. It was held when your pregnancy getting 7 months for the first baby only. They chose to have it in javanese traditional way. The ceremony quite unique with beautiful decoration. Let me share some photos from that moment. Actually there were more pictures but it would be too much hahaha.. I took … Continue reading Mitoni (Baby Shower) 

My Birthday

Well, I am 42 years old now 😁 time flies so fast hahahaha.. I supposed to celebrate my birthday to other island, but since a few days before the date I was having vertigo so I cancelled my trip. Thanksfully with a proper rest I recover quickly and be able not to absent from work. Just as usual I didn’t have any special venue to … Continue reading My Birthday

CNY outfit

Hello guys, the chinese new year was last week and it was a busy day for all of us who celebrating it. We always have a new outfit for CNY and usually with bright colours. This year I choose orange colour in traditional motif cloth. I made the design and deliver it to the tailor, it took almost two months 😥 because the tailor was … Continue reading CNY outfit

Just Before CNY

Hi guys it was a busy days for me just before Chinese New Year and now I just feel exhausted but still have to go out town. Now I want to share my activity a day before CNY, I am an Indonesian-born Chinese who still run some of Chinese traditions.  We usually pray to our anchestors before the CNY to thank them as we’ve already … Continue reading Just Before CNY

Batik day

Forgive me for not showed up for a few days, it was a busy days lately in the office. Well, I want to share my outfit today, since every friday it is a batik day so I’m gonna share batik outfit. The outfit is designed by me 😁 since I love to wear a tailor made outfit that is more suitable for me and I … Continue reading Batik day


Waiting is a common activity for human being. We wait for public transportation, we wait for people, we wait for a chance, we wait for an appointment, etc.  If we count the time that we’ve spent for waiting it means the whole life 😆 don’t you believe it? Hahahaha.. ok let’s think further, for an example as kids, we wait for a school bus every … Continue reading Waiting

What is ‘job’ for you?

Many people are unsatisfy with their job, even they’ve done it for several years it seems like still they do not satisfy. Therefore, many people keep changing their job to find satisfaction and they end up old with no point in finding job’s satisfaction. Why??? Banyak orang tidak cukup puas dengan pekerjaan mereka, meskipun mereka telah bekerja selama beberapa tahun tetapi sepertinya mereka tetap tidak … Continue reading What is ‘job’ for you?

Nearly dark..

It was nearly dark when we got there, it was one of famous photography spots in Gili Trawangan, Lombok Island. It is a small island in the middle of the ocean just next to Bali. The beach is wonderful. The only accomodation in Gili Trawangan are bicycles and horse carriage, so no gasoline polution. Sudah hampir gelap pada saat kami sampai disana, dimana merupakan salah … Continue reading Nearly dark..

My Soul..

Who’s whispering in my ears? Siapakah yang berbisik ditelingaku? Was it you? Apakah itu kamu? Was it me my self? Apakah diriku sendiri? I was looking out there.. Saya mencarinya diluar sana.. Silence..  Kesunyian.. Only the sounds of the forest.. Hanya suara dari kedalaman hutan yang terdengar.. After a while, then it was again feebled in my ears.. Setelah beberapa saat, lalu suara itu mulai … Continue reading My Soul..