Sweet Potato Porridge

Here’s another recipe from me 😁 it is a sweet potato porridge. It is easy to make, just prepare sweet potato, tapioca starch, brown sugar, a lil bit salt and coconut milk or soya milk.

1. First steam your sweet potato

2. When it’s done peel the skin.

3. This is what we got now. So let’s smash it and batter with tapioca starch until we got it like this one.

4. Prepare boiling water and make the sweet potato dough become small balls like this, then put into the boiling water.

5. We must wait until its foating on the water.

6. Well, after the sweet potato balls floating like that we just pick it out.

7. After we finished making sweet potato balls. We prepare tapioca starch dilute in a cup of water. Then, another boiling water and put all the sweet potato balls in. We put brown sugar or white sugar and a bit of salt to make it a bit tasty, make sure it sweet enough as you preferred before you put the starch water slowly.

8. It will be thicken like porridge.

Yeay the porridge is done now, you can ejoy it with coconut milk or soya milk.

For me, I choose to enjoy it with soya milk (I love V Soy, it has a very nice taste of soya milk).

See you 😁 hope you enjoy my recipe.

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