Queen Bacon

This time I wanna share my cousin’s pet, well actually it is a birthday surprise gift for his father. It was sent to our office on Tuesday, she bought it from Jakarta so it was sent the night before. It took 12 hours by train.

She is adorable 😍😍😍 isn’t she? Her name is Queen Bacon.

She loves to be scratched like this hahaha.. everytime I do this she will lay down and enjoy it.

This is our first time taking care a piglet, so it was a lil’ bit chaos when we were bathing her hahahaha, so we didn’t take any pictures or videos.

We were trying to put a collar, but it fit her neck but didn’t fit her tummy hahaha..

So, now she’s exploring the new place 😁 hahahaha..

She’s naughty hahaha.. she bites almost everything and pushing around.

I bet she’s finally tired and slept hahaha.. Good nite the lil’ Queen Bacon 😘 hahaha.. hope you enjoy to meet her. See you on the next blog.

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