Qingming Festival

What is Qingming Festival? It is a Chinese tradition which is called Tomb Sweeping Day in English. During Qingming, Chinese families visit the tombs of their anchestors to clean the gravesites, pray and make ritual offerings for their ancestors. The offering would be traditional food or dishes that used to be the favorite of our ancestors. 

We also burning joss stick and joss paper (ghost money). Most people here add some luggage fill with joss paper, clothes, sandals, shoes, jewelries, toiletteries, gadgets, praying paper, and so on (all are made by paper). In addition, we also can send them house, car, even maid (by paper). Amazing isn’t it? 😃 

This is my mom’s tomb:

As you can see the one with the food is my mom’s tomb (she died in 1996) and on the side is prepared for my dad (he’s still alive 😁 and healthy thanks God).

The Qingming festival is 10 days before 5 April and 10 days after. This picture was taken on 31 March and a week later we had ceremony for my grand father and grand mother and it was in other town.

My grand father and mother’s tomb is located in a valley of small town near the mountain, let me show you about it:

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