Fit and Proper Test

I had a fit and proper test a few days ago for my profession in finance company which was held in Jakarta (about an hour flight from my home town). I went there with one of my collegue, he had the same test but different time, he was at 1 p.m. and I was at 2 p.m. it was an interview test. 

We went there the night before to anticipate the flight cancellation or sort of things. We chose the closest hotel to the building where we had the test. We got this hotel named Kartika Chandra Hotel in Gatot Subroto street. Well actually it was quite nice but it was an old hotel. It must be a very nice 4 stars hotel at “that time”. Let me show you my room:

The decor is old and artistic, I love it anyway even I could smell kind of humid old wood furniture around. I slept well, the bed was quite comfortable for me.

Well, now we talk about the breakfast menu. There’re not so many menus here. I rather dissapointed this time, but anyway no worries about that I still could order french fries 😁 here.

When I got back to my room I was shocked that the room service had cleaned it. I found it quite annoyed, they should clean up after check out time. Anyway, I still did some stuff in my room so I think they should do some cleaning again after this. What a waste thing to do when you had to clean the same room twice when you could do it only once. So it’s time to prepare what do you think? 🤔

Hahahaha I think I am ready to go 😊

We checked out at 11 o’clock and I got some more pictures 😉 to share here:

It was what I got everytime I came out from the lift going to my room. I love it 😍 especially the painting and the motif on the carpet.

Ok now we went to the lobby 😉 no more time taking detail picture.

I found the lobby very interesting 😍 it has traditional touch in detail.

We went to the Wisma Mulia 2 at around 11.30 it was just take a few minutes there and still too early since my colluege’s time for interview was at 1 p.m and continued by me at 2 p.m. so we decided to have lunch first at the other building near there. We couldn’t taste the food hahaha it got more tense and we got a little bit nervous by this time hahaha..

Lunch had finished we were back there around 12.30 p.m. we wait around 30 minutes. Finally my colluege was in and I waited for him around 1hour and 30 minutes it was longer than being predicted, made me more nervous.

Finally, he came out from the room and it was my turn to get in 😁 hahaha… There were 4 persons in the room including me. I got nervous for a few minutes of our conversation. Anyway, it was great and I was interviewed for an hour. Well, hopefully I could pass the qualification and get the profession certificate. See you on the next blog 👍😁 thanks for stopping by.

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