My Birthday

Well, I am 42 years old now 😁 time flies so fast hahahaha.. I supposed to celebrate my birthday to other island, but since a few days before the date I was having vertigo so I cancelled my trip. Thanksfully with a proper rest I recover quickly and be able not to absent from work.

Just as usual I didn’t have any special venue to celebrate it. I just giving doughnuts to my collegues and relatives that have supported me 😁 I bought around 16 dozens doughnuts. I do not have many pictures here as I was busy in the office. Anyway, I’ll share some pictures that I managed to make after office hours but without the doughnuts πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† off course.

So here we are with some presents by my cousins, collegues and friends. Thanks to all of them 😘 hahaha..

Note: on my birthday I try a new style for my work clothes. I designed a white vest combined with grey long slevees in polkadot motif and white accent on the collar and the cuffs.

Note: this what we call “Nasi Tumpeng” it’s traditional food consisted of rice in the middle with main dish “sayur gudangan” (it is a boiled of many kind of veggies with spicy grated coconut) and some side dishes as fried anchovy, tofu, tempe (fermented soybean in blocks), chicken, boiled eegs and spicy potato cut in small cubes. It was so yummy πŸ˜‹ thanks to my auntie 😘 who sent this.

That’s all my photos collection on my birthday 😁 thank you for stopping by.

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