Just Before CNY

Hi guys it was a busy days for me just before Chinese New Year and now I just feel exhausted but still have to go out town. Now I want to share my activity a day before CNY, I am an Indonesian-born Chinese who still run some of Chinese traditions. 

We usually pray to our anchestors before the CNY to thank them as we’ve already passed the year and ask for the continuing blessing as we entering the up coming year. The praying ceremony day and time could be vary to each family, I chose to have it a day before CNY at 2 p.m. and it took around 2 hours. 

We also have praying ceremony to God at 12 a.m. and we could have it anywhere but this year I accompany my uncle to pray in a temple outside town around an hour driving by car.

I love the colour of the lampions 😍 and how the arranged them.

Do you see the big candles there? Chinese  believe that the bigger the candles (the longer the fire) symbolises the protection that they will have all through the year. 
We prayed together at about 12.30 a.m. guided by the chief in the temple.

The temple is located in a mountain so it’s a bit cold escpecially that night was a bit windy.

That is the statue of Kwan Se Im Pou Sat (The Goddess of Mercy).

Well now it’s time to go home 😁 it’s getting colder here.

I forgot to mention the stairs πŸ˜₯ which  tiring me hahaha… see you on the next blog guys 😘

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