Wedding party

I went to a wedding party of my friend’s brother last saturday. In my country, it was still quite common to have a table/ seating party for wedding. I will share some pictures to let you know more.

Here was the decoration of the stage at my back.

I love the stage decoration it gives luxury accent.

There was the video when the groom giving a speech of appreciation for the guests who attended to the weeding party.

Let’s see how’s the table 😉 setting.

The were water, tea and soft drink for each guest. Here’s the menu that we had that night.

We also being entertained with some lokals and national singers while having dinner. Now we started with the first menu and I will share the pictures till the last one.

Forgive me at this point we had some pictures with some friends so we took a break for the food 😁 here some pictures of us.

We took it in the entrance door, I love the decoration here.

Okay now we moved to photobooth area, there’s nothing special in this’s no stage and the decoration was not special. However, I love the result of pictures that were produced. Let me show you the pictures.

Now it’s time to went back to our table, but one more photo near the table.

Ooppsss sorry this picture a bit messy hahaha 😅 because I took it from my cousin’s Instagram. Now let’s see what we missed on the table.

As you can see we missed 3 kind of food. I just took the picture after I took some on to my plate because too messy to take the picture from the serving dishes.

That was the dessert “chilled bird’s nest” it’s so yuuummyyy 😋😋😋 and it has a good nutritient to our body. Well, last but not least th bride and the groom shared the wedding cakes for the unmarried guests.

There’s no party that will last forever, so now it’s time to say good bye 👍😁 see you on the next blog.

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