Dinner by the beach

Hi 😁 how are you all? Hope you’re great 👍😉 haha.. This time I’m gonna share some other pictures of my first family trip in 2018. Well, after enjoyed a great time in the hotel, we went to Jimbaran to enjoy dinner by the beach. 

I love the corn everytime I come here, believe me nothing can beat the taste 😋😋😋 it’s tasty and delicious, you can ask spicy if you like 👍😉 haha.. We took some sunset pictures while waiting the food to be served.

That’s me ☝️😆

This ☝️😉 my sister

This one ☝️😆 my nephew

And here is ☝️😁 my niece

Ok as usual when the dinner served we lost our mind, no one remember took any pictures 😆😆😆 hahaha.. but the food superb 👍😋 with reasonable price 😉 make it even great, I always come here while in Bali, it name is Jimbaran Beach Cafe, located at Jimbaran. See you on the next blog 😁 bye..

6 thoughts on “Dinner by the beach

      1. I wish too.. 😂😂😂 headache here.. but in Bali would be headache too for spending money 😂😂😂 hahahha.. so for now I better stay to work.. 😁

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