Family trip, day 1 

Hi 😁 today I’m gonna continue the story of my first family trip in 2018. We went to Bali and stayed at Conrad Hotel in Nusa Dua. It was still early when we got into the Hotel so we couldn’t check into our rooms. Well, it’s ok because I already booked a gazebo at the back of the hotel to enjoy the beach and its activities.

It was a pity I didn’t take the picture of the gazebo. Anyway, I still have others pictures to share 👍😉 hahaha.. I’ve stayed at Conrad many times, but this time was the first time for my sister and the kids so they were really excited. They like the gazebo, it was a large one so we could put our stuffs there and my dad also could take a nap since he didn’t want to go to Penyu Island with us (he’s been there before). We rest for a while before going to the island with a boat (30 minutes).

It was a relaxing day on the beach, it was sunny but not too hot. We took a rest about an hour.

Finally our boat has come so we jumped on the boat. It was fun, especially for my niece and nephew since it was they first experience to go by boat. Well, my nephew kept complaining about the sand in his sandals and he really annoyed when his sandals got wet 😂😂😂 (he used to go in shopping mall only hahahaha..).

Here we come in Penyu Island 😄 my nephew was afraid to take pictures with the penyu (sea turtle) 😥 so we need to persuade him for a while to take picture with his mum hold the tiny penyu for him 😅😅😅.

There’re some other creatures there, my nephew won’t take any pictures with them for sure 😆 he even run away when his sister took pictures.

Well, the best he could do was just standing by the pool 👍😉 hahaha..

We stayed there for about an hour. It was a lil bit rain when we went back to our hotel and found my dad in the gazebo. We grabbeb burgers before deciding what our activity next hahaha..

Well, it was hard to choose since my niece and nephew afraid of doing anything (paraceiling, banana boat, rolling donut, speedboat, etc) after a while we decided to ride rolling donut since we thought it was the most safety one. I didn’t took the pictures so here I search picture on the internet so you can understand what it is.

It was fun in a first minute before the speed boat getting faster and start to have manuvers. We felt really riding a rolling donut 😨 OMG we bounched till like we wanna got out from the donut. Well, I have to admit that I was afraid too 😣😣😣 I took my 6 years old boy and 10 years old girl with me how if one of them slipped their grab (there were no seat belt) and jump into the water while the speed boat running fast. Anyway, the waves were high at that moment (it was a lil bit rain) so we bounched high 😨😨😨.

My nephew started crying and all of us screamed asking the driver to stop, but he could hear us of course. It needed 15 minutes to stop the rolling donut and it seemed ages for us 😵😵😵.

Thanks God none of us jumped into the water 😁 yeaaay 🤗😉😄 we were so glad to reach the land again even the kiddos felt their arms and hands became stiff and sore. 

Anyway, they had something thrilling to be told again and again afterward hahahhaha 😂😂😂 it’s such an unforgetable experience hahahaha..

Ok enough from now, I will tell you about our rooms on the next blog ok 😉 see yaaa..

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