The last day of 2017

2017 nearly come to end, time flies so fast and today is the last day of 2017. I have no vacation planning in New Year just as usual. There are some reasons, first I don’t like to travel in a crowd, second in New Year I would like to just stay at home have dinner with my family and make some plans and pray for the year ahead.

There are us, my dad, my sister and my niece and nephew.

We will have dinner tonight with my aunties and my sister’s family (from outside town) so it’s gonna be crowded in my house. We prepare the food by ourselves hahaha.. so it’s gonna be fun I think 😉 we already cooked some last night and some cook again this evening 😁😅😆 hahaha.. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone 😘 hope all of us have a very happy year ahead, love you all ❤❤❤ may the world will be full of Peace and Love.

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