Birthday Dinner, Maldives

On the 3rd day we did nothing just relaxed in the Island spent the day like a super model 😅😅😅 hahahaha. It was like a never ending photoshot that we did.

As you can see from morning till night 😉hahaha..

Some of us were doing spa or just lay down but some of us just cycling around tried to find out the lake that were supposed to be there.

Owww wait we cannot just be in this outfit the whole day right??? 🤔 so we back to the villas change the outfit hahaha..

It was nearly sunset and the atmosphere was gorgeous.

Okay now let’s start to look for the lake 😎 well after cycling around 30 minutes finally we found the lake. It was a small lake and made by human not by nature. We felt a bit dissapoint 😁 but not for so long hahahaha.. It still beautiful anyway for taking pictures, right??? Let me show..

Time to get prepared for the birthday dinner, so off we went back to the villas.

The theme for the birthday party was dinner in the jungle and the dresscode was green colour, so here we were:

That’s me and the birthday boy hahaha.. thank you for the very nice birthday dinner and most of all was the trip itself 😁 hahaha..

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