Day 2 Maldives

Well, we really had a good night slept with the sound of the water around us. In the morning, we planned to ride a yatch to snorkle. Therefore after a nice breakfast we just hop in the yatch.

Couldn’t resist to take a picture before heading to the yatch 😅😅😅 just as usual, don’t get sick of it okay 😉 hahaha.. just focus on the beach, it was so beautiful.

Now we went to the sea, it’s just a pitty I did not have go pro camera at that moment so we got no picture under water.

Here the wefie of the day 😁😁😁 say ‘cheese’ hahaha..

It was windy up here, I love to be up here 😍 well it was hot of course and you could easily got a sun burnt, but I just love it.

Standing here to see how the sea and the sky met was just great, and the cloud even made it perfect.

We took some pictures before got ready to snorkle. I nearly forgot to mention that this one the last picture of my sunglasses that I wore, I dropped it accidentally to the sea while the yatch running 😐😐😐 what a pitty..

Pssstt.. tonight we would have a surprised birthday party for the birthday boy 😁 hahaha.. It was raining so hard that night but we still had the party anyway 😆😆😆 

Guess which one the birthday boy??? Hahaha.. it’s obvious wasn’t it? 🤔😉😄

Okay those the pictures of the day.. wait on the next blog to see what we were doing on the island 😉 see yaaa..

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