Arrival to Maldives

It was late when we arrived in Maldives so we had to stay at a transit hotel. Well it was a small hotel but very nice though. Just couldn’t wait till morning 😁 hahaha.

Finally the morning had come and we took some pictures in front of the hotel. 

There as you can see the name of the hotel, we stayed at Airport Beach Hotel. It was a quite nice place and they had a good spot for breakfast too. It’s a simple breakfast but still fine for me 👍😉 hahaha.

After breakfast we went to Maldives Airport to take a local plane from there. Here we need to wait for around an hour.

Well it’s a nice Airport, as you can see we could take picture with pretty cool background 😅 hahaha.. I love the background 👍😉 what do you think? Hahahaha.. see you on the next blog 😁 on Villingili Island, Addu Atoll, Republic of Maldives.

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