Luv this Coffee Shop!!!

Once I passed by a small but unique coffee shop and I found it interesting but I didn’t have time to stop by at that time.

On that Monday I just feel like want to visit that coffee shop, so I asked some of my colleagues to come along. It was really a small coffee shop with just coffee, no snacks. Well, there is some plain bread but just a few and we had to self service if we want to put some butter or jam.

The place was simple but unique, I just feel it artistic with old fashion kind of things. Therefore, I kept in mind to take a classic kind of style in that place. So here it is:

All you can drink here is just coffee, any kind of it, with condensed milk, chocolate, or just black. 

The coffee made in traditional way, tasted strong yet mild. It blend very well in your tounge, which keep your spirit up yet relax your mind and soul.
I just love it!!! šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

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