Outfit on Monday

It’s nearly Christmas 😁 people start to decorate home, office, shopping mall, etc. Well, we decorate our office too to celebrate the spirit of Christmas (even I am not Christian) hahaha.. 

Anyway, let’s go to the topic about my outfit on monday.

I wore my new suit with silver colour and white long sleves. I took that picture with Canon 70D. Let’s see in detail 😉 which I used my smartphone to capture (Samsung S8).

Here it is 😁 the colour of my suit looks real here hahaha.. I think I should adjust more the colour in my camera because as you see the one with camera is more blueish. Anyway, forget about that hahaha let’s go back to the outfit.

I used dark red knitted tie with smal polkadot pattern and silver transformers tie clip. Furthermore, I put a dark red flower lapel pin to make the appearance a bit elegant. Forgive me for not taking picture of the lower part, but believe me I put on my dark red shoes 😉 hahaha.. with burgundy socks (blue mustach pattern). 

Well, it looks perfect but my emotional was not good hahahaha.. I think I angry a lot yesterday 😆 hopefully today’s better. It’s just a bad day not a bad life right 👍😁 see you on the next blog.

12 thoughts on “Outfit on Monday

  1. I love the transformers tie clip… Haha. You’re very playful with your outfits and colors, I like that. Looking very chic. 👌

    Liked by 1 person

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