What was my dinner menu on Monday? 

I had a dinner with my cousin and some friends of us last monday in a restaurant in our home town. Well it was quite nice to spend a few hours just for chatting our lately activities since it’s been a while for us not having dinner together. Here some of my menus.

This is my favourite one Foei Gras with a piece of bread (the bread was not in the picture 😅), well it was not as delicious as I had in Paris but still yummy.

It was a soft shell crab salad, well it was a lil bit spicy so I couldn’t finish it.

This was the main menu meat balls with sauce, I like it 😁 the taste was perfect. And the one that completed all the dishes was the drink.

That was a sugar cane drink with brown sugar taste, love it 😄. 

See you on the next blog guys..

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10 thoughts on “What was my dinner menu on Monday? 

  1. I concur with jyo… Must have been a lovely dinner. Btw do you do your food photography with your phone camera, and if so, what is your favorite editing tool for your snaps?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. 👏It truly is a matter of who is behind the camera, not the camera itself. I would really love it if in the future you would be giving a few tips here and there… For those of us who are interested in doing better with our photography. Like I said, I really love your photos and I’m always looking forward to your posts. Just think about it ok… Hehe.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahahaha.. I am not a pro 😉 I’m afraid no capable enough, but for just sharing 🤔 well I think it would be a great idea.. I’ll try to give some tips for doing my photo 😁 thanks for the idea..


      3. Yeeeeeeeiy… Haha. You’re welcome. Sharing whatever you know as little as it may seem could really help someone out there a lot, so thanks for considering the idea 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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