Kids photography 

Hi everyone 😁 as we know yesterday I wrote about how I spent my day with my family and now I write about what other activity while we visited ‘rumah abu’. 

Hai semuanya 😁 seperti yang kita ketahui kemarin saya menulis tentang bagaimana saya menghabiskan waktu dengan keluarga saya dan sekarang saya akan menuliskan tentang aktifitas yang lain ketika kami mengunjungi ‘rumah abu’.

I went there with my dad, my sister, my nieces and the family of my bother in law. It was a beautiful day and the place was peace and beautiful. The kids busy walked around and taking pictures (I was the one who took in charge as a photographer for them 😅), while we were waiting for the other family members.

Saya pergi dengan ayah saya, adik perempuan saya, keponakan-keponakan saya dan keluarga adik ipar saya. Hari itu merupakan hari indah dan tempatnya sangat tenang dan damai. Anak-anak sibuk berfoto (sayalah yang bertugas jadi fotografer bagi mereka 😅), sembari kita menunggu kedatangan keluarga yang lain.

This the little one 😅😅😅 she has her own style.

Ini dia keponakan saya yang paling kecil 😅😅😅 dia punya gaya tersendiri.

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9 thoughts on “Kids photography 

  1. She is a natural . The little one with the binoculars . Your sisters father in-law would be proud of this day. Nice pictures . For the other young ladies they are more aware of the days event, strong and proud!!

    Liked by 1 person

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