Family day..

This weekend I really enjoyed my time with my family. My sister who lived in other town came with all her family including their 5 dogs 😅 I still can’t understand how they manage 2 adults, 3 kids and 5 dogs in one car.

Anyway, they arrived on saturday night so we met each other on sunday. My sister came to pray for her father in law who died 40 days ago and being cremated, around a week earlier her mother in law invited us to come along to ‘rumah abu’.

So we went to rumah abu on sunday. I think it would be easier to explain it with pictures, so here they are :

Well hope you can understand better about ‘rumah abu’. Now let me show you about what we did there.

Before 40 days it’s just a blank space with only a photograph there. So we ask a man to make a granite which put the name of the dead man/ woman and all the member of his/her family. So here’s the man started to open the previous cover before started to put the granite.

Here’s the cremated body, all the family member prayed before the man put the granite.

After we finished prayed, he started to put the cement to seal the granite.

Finally his job finished, we prayed once more for Mr. Y. Hartono Ronggopranoto to rest in peace before we went home. See you on the next blog 👍😉 bye from now..

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