Kiddos perfomance..

It was my nephew’s performance last year in his last kindergarten school. Normally, I’d never been attending any of his performance. Anyway, because it was held after office hours so I could attend to take some pictures.

He was taking part of Keong Emas drama performance as the King’s guardian. It was a quite big performance which included all teachers and students in kindergaten school.

I love their customs 😍😍😍 they are very cute, aren’t they? Well, I had many pictures but it would be too many if I put it here hahaha.. You can visit my instagram to see more of them. See you on the next blog 😉 sorry for being absent for 2 days, I just want a no gadget day this last 2 days hahaha..

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12 thoughts on “Kiddos perfomance..

  1. Awwww… They look so cute. Thanks for sharing. And kudos on the no gadget days… I was actually thinking about doing that soon but I don’t know if I can survive a day without my gadgets… 😂

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