Lazy Sunday

It is 08.43 am and I still on bed, just cannot motivate myself to wake up. Since 7 am everytime I opened my eyes, it would closed again after a minute.

Sudah jam 08.43 dan saya masih terbaring ditempat tidur, saya tidak dapat menemukan alasan untuk bangun. Sejak jam 7 pagi tiap kali saya membuka mata, saya tertidur lagi dalam sekejap.

Oh my God what happen to me, I shoud wake up. I’ve got many things to do even it’s Sunday. 

Ya Tuhan apa yang terjadi, saya seharusnya bangun. Ada banyak hal yang harus dilakukan walaupun ini hari minggu.

  1. I have to arrange my old cds
  2. I have to arrange my shoes rack
  3. I have to arrange my closet
  4. I have to writing on my blog (thanks God I’m doing in right now) hahaha..
  5. I have to go to swim this evening since I’ve commited to do so, swim at least once a week
  6. Taking care my pets (oww I think I haven’t tell you guys in this blog that I have two cute bunnies and a cute little sulcata tortoise)
  7. Practice Reiki
  8. Well last but not least πŸ˜‰ going out to see the world
  1. Saya harus menata kumpulan Cd lama 
  2. Saya harus menata rak sepatu
  3. Saya harus menata lemari pakaian 
  4. Saya harus menulis blog untuk hari ini (Syukurlah saya sedang mengerjakannya sekarang) hahaha..
  5. Saya harus berenang sore ini karena saya telah berkomitmen untuk berenang paling tidak sekali dalam seminggu
  6. Merawat binatang peliharaan saya (saya rasa saya belum memgatakannya di blog ini bahwa saya memiliki 2 kelinci yang lucu dan seekor kura darat jenis sulcata)
  7. Berlatih Reiki
  8. Keluar melihat dunia πŸ˜‰

    Well at least I’m starting doing number 4 hahahaha.. Hope to do the other number. I have to keep what I’ve already commited to myself.  

    Setidaknya saya sudah memulai mengerjakan yang nomor 4 hahaha.. Semoga saya dapat mengerjakan nomor nomor yang lainnya. Saya harus berkomitmen untuk melakukannya.

    Glad that I join this wordpress so I can read any motivational reading about commited and sort of positive things, that always reminds me about the importance of being committed in order to reach our goal in life. Thank you all writers and readers. Have a wonderful sunday 😁

    Senang saya dapat bergabung dalam wordpress sehingga saya dapat membaca banyak bacaan motivasional tentang komitmen dan banyak hal positif lainnya, yang selalu mengingatkan saya tentang pentingnya berkomitmen agar dapat mencapai tujuan hidup kita. Terimakasih untuk para penulis dan pembaca. Semoga kita dapat menikmati Minggu yang indah 😁

    2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

    1. Hello,

      I like that you write in English as well as your own language and I admire the fact that you are able to do so.

      I suppose you do not really have to do anything – it is just our ambitions, dreams and goals drive us and we feel guilty when we don’t do the things we feel we should be doing. I think it is ok now and again to take a break, to enjoy the luxury of not having to get out of bed early as we need to do when going to work.

      You are following me on my Women of Warfare! blog. I also have another blog and have written a post on commitment, which you might like to read. The link is below – I hope you enjoy reading it and will find it motivating –

      Enjoy your Sunday whatever you do. πŸ˜ƒ

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