My Mom

She passed away 20 years ago, but I still I missed her. 
I already let her go in peace, but I still remember all about her. 

I know it was her time to go, but I still regret somehow that I was not good enough for her.

After she passed away, I just realised she’s a great mom and I’ve lost my time to make her proud and happy. 

Sometimes I just want to fix the things that I’ve done to be a good daughter to her. 

Finally I just (wish) can hear her whisper, “You’re great my daughter, all that we’ve been through was great never want to be more than that. I’m sorry that I must leave you but I believe that you’re gonna be ok.”

As the time passed by I just realised, nothing in this world last forever, when it is time to let go just let it go. Even when you hurt yourself it won’t come back so just release. Love while you can and never attached when it is time then let it go with the love inside.

Love you mom 😘

4 thoughts on “My Mom

  1. One of the best quote I have ever read is that ” The amount of love you have is not measured by how long you grieved for them once they are gone”

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